The Long Term Social And Economic Impact Of COVID-19 In India
  • Author(s): Rashtra Gaurav
  • Paper ID: 1702162
  • Page: 100-106
  • Published Date: 07-04-2020
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 3 Issue 10 April-2020

The crisis of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a battle of humankind with an invisible enemy. An enemy which proved that it is more powerful than the entire mankind. Perhaps it would be no more exist, perhaps one day the stubborn human will win with it. But till now it has tended to be a powerful destroyer of the human race. A destroyer, not only in term of life and death but for that cognitive awareness which has given the human a power to rule the animal kingdom and it became first hunter-gatherer which was earlier last in the row. It has a frightening effect not only in the third world but the most superior first world is not an exception. The virus may have emerged from the Wuhan city of China but now it has become an unexpected problem for the world. COVID-19 is not only the sore for the body but it has also a bitter impact on the world economy. The ground impact, i.e. Labourers, workers, daily wages workers, a Rickshaw driver and many more. Consequently, the third world will face the major crisis indeed. In the perspective of India, which was already facing the major crisis in the economy, the unemployment rate was at its highest, the GDP growth rate was in its lowest, hence this is a challenge for India to fight with this pandemic more carefully than the other ones. On the other hand, India is a country which has diversity within its people by its geographical, social, cultural, religious beliefs and in different thought of philosophy. So, the responsibility of the Indian government with the dense population is versatile, because its structure is making it more vulnerable, not only in term of the coronavirus diseases but the other negative impact of it. However, it may have a negative or positive impact on the market and this would be topic to be examined. The contemporary world would have the long term effect of this, that is because already the world is entering into recession and now the virus has stopped all production. But one thing we realised by this pandemic that after achieving this much in the field of medical science, natural science and technology we are still not capable to fight with tiny microorganisms. This virus giving challenge to humanity that human has to walk a long way in the field of science, we are just beginner. It also somehow connected with climate change and it is also alerting humankind that nature is far more powerful than human beings.


Corona virus, COVID-19, Climate Change, Pandemic, World recession, microorganism, GDP.


IRE Journals:
Rashtra Gaurav "The Long Term Social And Economic Impact Of COVID-19 In India" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 3 Issue 10 2020 Page 100-106

Rashtra Gaurav "The Long Term Social And Economic Impact Of COVID-19 In India" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 3(10)