Internet As A Source Of Global Linkage
  • Author(s): Esiobi UE ; Ezeagwu CO ; Nnadikwe PN
  • Paper ID: 1701719
  • Page: 213-216
  • Published Date: 25-10-2019
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 3 Issue 4 October-2019

The need for global communication is inevitably important, therefore, a universal concern. Internet is the tool that has closed the gap, interconnecting people from all over the world, making communication a reality. The Internet is a global computer network that provides a variety of information and communication services that interconnects different networks through standardized communication protocols (IP address). The Internet is a modern medium that allows one to travel in the comfort of its location to any part of the world through the World Wide Web (www). The traditional way of sending letters is gradually winding up and is being replaced by an electronic medium such as email and instant messaging. The education sector has not left any stone unturned by adopting the need for the Internet through its modern form of student admission application process and even the verification of results by students. You can literally say that the Internet adapts to almost all communication needs. The Internet has linked people from different nations through a platform called social networks. This has proven to be the fastest means of expressing public opinion and young people have especially taken advantage of it, although not only for them. Therefore, this document tends to elaborate on the Internet as a modern means of global linking.


Communication, Global, Internet, IP (internet protocol) address, Network


IRE Journals:
Esiobi UE , Ezeagwu CO , Nnadikwe PN "Internet As A Source Of Global Linkage" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 3 Issue 4 2019 Page 213-216

Esiobi UE , Ezeagwu CO , Nnadikwe PN "Internet As A Source Of Global Linkage" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 3(4)